2014 NBA Draft

So the Draft happened a couple days ago and for all I know, this class could be the most talented since the LeBron, Wade, Carmelo draft in ’03.

For Canadians, we’re excited to see Ontario native Andrew Wiggins finally drafted first overall, after almost three years of hype. It was a pretty good pick for the Cavs who for the second year in a row had the number 1 pick and for the second year took a Canadian. Hopefully Wiggins turns out better than the so-far bust Anthony Bennett. It will however, be interesting to see where Wiggins slides into the Cavs offense. At 6’8″ and listed as a shooting guard he has the skill to really play either wing position. He does however lack much size to be able to play the power forward position which does limit their options quite a bit.

As it sits, the starting 2 guard spot belongs to Dion Waiters and the small forward spot is Luol Deng’s. Realistically one of those two guys might get moved before the beginning of summer league, however if they don’t its more likely we see Waiters moved back to the bench, a role in which he’s most comfortable.

Deng is the veteran presence that the Cavs need on the court and is really the only defensive presence on the wing, except for Wiggins.

Another thing I found quite interesting was at the 3rd pick with Philly taking Joel Embiid. Now many are comparing him to Hakeem the dream Olajuwan, and passing on him would have most certainly haunted them for years. Now, the real question is what to do with Nerleans Noel who took the season off due to injury. Conceivably they could play both Embiid and Noel at the same time, that would make for some very interesting action, or they could move one of them.

Whatever the case, we won’t be seeing anything until around Christmas, as that is when Embiid is scheduled to return from his latest foot injury. That should give Noel enough time to get into rhythm and get him some chemistry playing with MCW.

Lastly, I wanted to share my thoughts concerning the Boston Celtics. With the 6th pick they took combo guard, and defensive specialist Marcus Smart. While Smart is an excellent player, it is a bit of a head scratcher seeing as the Celtics already have two defensive minded combo guards who struggle mightily shooting the basketball in Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley.

Is this a sign that Rondo is on the move? Surely not! He’s their best player, and really the only reason anyone would want to go play there. Could Smart be used in a 6th man type roll off the bench interchangeably with Rondo and Bradley? Most likely, however we will need to wait and see.

At the end of the day, there can be tons of hype surrounding a player on draft day, however it really means nothing until we see how they are able to perform under the bright lights come end of October.

In a few days I’ll talk more about this LeBron James business, but until then, enjoy summer!