Heat Thunder Christmas Day Preview

And now for the main event. A rematch of the NBA finals, the Miami Heat play hosts to the Oklahoma City Thunder in what is sure to be yet another excellent game. If you only have a chance to catch one game tomorrow, make sure that it is this one. You have the two best players in the game, Lebron James and Kevin Durant, going toe to toe. You have the top team in the east, going against the top team in the west. You have two of the best guards in the game in Dwayne Wade and Russell Westbrook going head to head. What else could you ask for? Lots of highlights? Excellent defense? Because this game has it!

Keys for Miami: Well the MVP needs to be the MVP, Dwayne Wade needs to be Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh need to get a double double. That’s not setting the bar to high for that group. However, that alone will not win them the game, it will only get them close. Mario Chalmers needs to be able to contain Westbrook as he is too good once he gets going. Ray Allen and Noris Cole need to have big games off of the bench and must be able to knock down shots when they are open. The same goes for Battier and Lewis. The Heat also need to play excellent half court defense in order to stop Durant driving to the basket for easy layups. 

Keys for OKC: Kevin Martin needs to have a big game off the bench. He needs to out shoot the shooters on the Heat, while doing a half decent job guarding Wade. Serge Ibaka will need to be on his game defensively against Chris Bosh and not allow him to get open mid-range jumpers. Kendrick Perkins needs to be solid in the paint, and not allow for James drives. He will also need to hedge on all screens to allow the defense to recover. Westbrook needs to make good decision with the ball and not settle for outside jumpers. He will need to be able to find Durant when he is open, which was a common problem for him in last years playoffs. So if he can make the right plays, OKC will be in a good position to win. Now, the Thunder do not need Kevin Durant to play exceptionally well on offense tomorrow as long as he does his job containing Lebron. They have enough scoring without Durant, but they just need to be sound defensively. 

Excited? Well I hope so. This is probably going to be yet another preview of the NBA finals this year (sorry Lakers fans). This is going to be the main event at 5:30pm Est so make sure you tune in and enjoy it with your family on your day of much deserved rest. I honestly have no clue who will win this game, so the only way to find out will be to watch it!