Lakers Knicks Christmas Day Preview

Alright, so after you get back from the bathroom and open up some more presents, the next game you can enjoy on tomorrows schedule is the New York Knicks at Staples Centers in LA, to play the Lakers at 3pm Est. I think this will be an excellent game to follow the Boston Brooklyn game because the Knicks Lakers game is going to be very high scoring  where as the first one, maybe might get into the 90’s. In two games, ou will have every playing style you can ask for as a fan. Defense, to Offense. 

Keys for the Lakers: Kobe needs to be efficient tomorrow. Taking forty-one shots and hitting sixteen will not cut it against a team like the Knicks. Metta World Peace will need to do his best to keep Melo to under 30 tomorrow. Nash needs to be Nash and lastly, Dwight Howard needs to be able to stop any drives that come his way on defense. 

Keys for the Knicks: In order for New York to win this game, they need to attack Steve Nash. Although I love the guy because he’s Canadian, he is the weakest defender on the floor. They can abuse him in pick and roll situations with Kidd and Chandler, or Kidd and Melo. Steve Novak needs to be the spark off of the bench for the Knicks. It seems like whenever he is shooting well (which is often) so are the rest of the Knicks. J.R. Smith also needs to have a big game and occupy Kobe as much as he can on offense. But most importantly, they need to win the battle on the glass. Chandler is the difference maker. 

Tomorrows game between the Knicks and Lakers will surely go down to the wire. On one team you have Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd. On the other team, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Both of those cores are surrounded by an all-star supporting cast which is sure to make this a great game. However, I feel that the edge in this one goes to the Lakers. Reasons being, they are at home on Christmas, and Kobe has never been one to disappoint. Also with Nash coming back, Gasol and Howard are likely to be more involved in the offense making them much harder to defend. Now, I’m not saying this will be a blowout, I think Melo will keep the Knicks in it because he is Melo and has been on a tare of late, but the Lakers are on a role and with Nash coming back, they have the edge.