Boston Brooklyn Christmas Day Preview

Tomorrow is of course Christmas day. A day filled with nothing but happiness and good spirits. It is a time where families all around the world have the opportunity of sharing a day of rest and relaxation with their loved ones. However, tomorrow is special in the basketball world because tomorrow is “NBA on Christmas day”, or as I like to call it, “The Playoff Preview”. There are five pretty big games tomorrow with all of the stars playing. 

The action tomorrow starts off in Brooklyn at 12pm Est as the Boston Celtics come into town to take on the Nets. This will be the third game between the two teams this year and so far Brooklyn has been on the winning end of both. Over the two games the Nets have led in points per game, rebounds and second chance points. It is no doubt going to be another excellent game as I don’t think Boston will a cake walk on Christmas day, where in recent years they have played very well. 

Keys for Boston: In order for the Celtics to have a chance at winning, they need to be able to win the match-up at the point guard position. Rajon Rondo needs to outplay Deron Williams. Paul Pierce also needs to play well against an excellent defender in Gerald Wallace. Particularly in his shooting, Pierce needs to get off to a quick start. Bostons bench also needs to outplay the Brooklyn bench, as there is not much beyond the Nets starting five. Jeff Green and Jason Terry need to be in double figures to take some of the load of the shoulders of the Celtics starters. Lastly, If Boston can keep the rebounding differential to under five, they will be in a good position to win the game. 

Keys for Brooklyn: The Nets are in dead last in fast break points. It is also well documented that Boston would much prefer to defend in the half court, then they would in transition. What does this mean? It means that for once, Deron Williams needs to push the ball for the entire game and make the Celtics defend him in transition. Next, the Nets have to play big. Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries need to dominate the glass against Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass. They are much bigger, and much better rebounders. Jerry Stackhouse, although old, will need to be on his game shooting from outside in order to spread the floor. Lastly, Joe Johnson needs to take over this game. There is no true guard on Boston who should be able to guard him. If he can get to 30, the Nets will win. 

Am I excited for this game? Absolutely. Will I be up early? You better believe it. Do I know who will win? NOPE. But what I do know, is that the team who’s stars come out to play, will be the team that wins, and brings home a W for Christmas.