Gotta Love The Wolves

If I asked an NBA fan a year ago about the Minnesota Timberwolves, most of them would tell me that they are a young team with not enough talent on their roster to make a dent in the western conference. If I asked one now, they would say that the T-Wolves are going to be really good, if not great in a years time.

Minnesota’s superstar Kevin Love spoke with the media today during a live press conference. Love has had a busy summer, playing in the Olympics, meeting new teamates and going to practices regularely all to get ready for the upcoming season. He talked about his experiences playing for the USA men’s basketball Olympic team and how playing with them, might help his game in the NBA.

“The Olympics were a great experience for me, something that I had always dreamed of playing in… It was unbelievable, being around guys that excel and have a tremendous amount of success. “

“It might be the best team that I will ever have a chance to play on, and being a part of that team and playing with the different players that have a mark on this league in a very positive way… It was an unbelievable experience.”

Coming back from London a much better player, Love is looking forward to playing with his new and improved team come October.

“It was a tremendous summer for me and our team, I think that heading forward we have a number of guys that are going to help us. You know, guys that are really going to help out our locker room. Guys like Andre (Kirilenko), Brandon Roy and many others, throughout the summer the Timberwolves organization had a very big and successful offseason. I think it’s going to be a very exciting year.”

Not only does he like his team but also he knows that this year, they are going to make the playoffs. He rhetorically asked himself the silly question:

“’How’s Kevin Love going to say that the Timberwolves are going to make the playoffs this year?’ I have faith in this team, and I have faith in what we have done this offseason.”

He believes in his team, and rightly so. The 6-foot-11 Forward-Center has every reason to be happy about this upcoming season for the T-Wolves. They have traded some of their young guns for a few solid veterans. The previously mentioned, Brandon Roy, will be a huge boost for them at the shooting guard position. And after taking a year to play in Russia, Andre Kirilenko, one of the leagues all-time best defenders is back, with the Wolves. Although he is a well respected all-star in this league, Love still feels like he has a lot to prove.

“Being in there in crunch time, with (Chris) Paul, (LeBron) James, (Kobe_ Bryant and (Kevin) Durant, it spoke volumes for where my game has come and where my respect is. But I still have so much to prove I still feel like I haven’t nearly made my mark in this league for where it should be.”

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