I guess I have put off talking about this for long enough. Its time to let my emotions hit the internet. Ray Allen has left the Boston Celtics and joined the Maimi Heat via free agency. The 36-year old shooting guard took a significantly smaller contract from the Heat in an attempt to win one more ring before he calls it quits. Allen was a fan favorite in Boston and still has a lot more gas in the tank to make another run with the C’s. To take it a step furher the Celtics almost beat the Heat in the conference finals last spring. With key players coming back and even more added through free agency this is the best team since ’08.

However, there were more factors in the decision for Allen. Towards then end of the season his starting spot at the 2 guard had been taken by sophmore Avery Bradley. Allen was not to fond of the idea but the formula worked. Another speculation was that the Celtics were very interested in Dallas Mavericks shooting guard, Jason Terry. The Celtics did end up signing Terry which may have been a factor in Allen leaving. Let’s be honest here. You can’t take a guy who has been starting his whole career and then make him sit for 24 minutes a night. Finally, Allen explained that he hated being on the block at the trade deadline year after year so he wanted a change of security.

This all resulted in his decision to join the new big 3 down south where Allen will most likely come off of the bench as a sixth man. But as many Heat fans would like, he would play at the 2 with Dwayne Wade at the 1. Nevertheless, I find myself at a crossroads between my favorite player, and my favorite team. All I can say is, “Ray, I feel betrayed”.