Howard to the Lakers in a 4 team trade

Well, it’s all over. Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic‘s all-time leading scorer has gotten his wish and has been traded as part of a 4 team trade, to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The trade includes the Lakers, Magic, Philadelphia 76ers and the Denver Nuggets. Really, this deal benefits everyone. The deal see the Lakers receiving the center piece, Howard, guard, Chris Duhon, and forward, Earl Clark. Philly gets Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson. The Nuggets get Andre Iguodala. And finally, the Magic acquire Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Moe Harkless, Nikola Vucevic, Josh McRoberts, Christian Eyenga and 5 future draft picks.

Now, there is no question that the Lakers are once again instant contenders with newly acquired Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison, and now Howard. They have one of the best back courts in basketball and after all these trades, still managed to keep forward Pau Gasol around. With a starting line up of Howard, Gasol, Jamison, Bryant and Nash, even the Oklahoma City Thunder will have a hard time keeping level with them. Don’t get me wrong, Nash is way past him prime and Howard is coming off major back surgery, I realize that this team may not get off to the smoothest first half of the season, but even without Nash and Howard, the Lakers will always be a threat with the duo of Gasol and Bryant. There is only one question to be asked, can they compete with the Miami Heat? My answer to that question is yes, they can. My reason being that L.A. now is too talented and has too much size down low for Miami, and they now have a point guard who can use those bigs properly. Nash will be in heaven playing with two bigs who can finish. Lob city will be the name for both teams playing at the staples center.

After firing their head coach and general manager, and now trading away their franchise player the Magic are in a full rebuilding process. Unfortunately for the Magic, I don’t really see a player that they can start to build around. Out of this deal they got one starter in Arron Afflalo, the rest are mediocre role players. They lost Jason Richardson and the up and coming Earl Clark so what are they going to do? Are they the new Charlotte Bobcats? Kidding aside, Magic fans, look forward to some very, very dark days ahead. However, on a positive note, Glen Davis looked to filling the role extremely well when Howard was out so there may be some silver lining to this trade. The other thing is that the Magic now have many more pieces to work with should they try to implement some trades during the season. Also, keep in mind that Ryan Anderson has just signed an extension coming off of his best season.

Philadelphia maybe have been the silent winner in this deal landing Jason Richardson and the other main piece in the trade Andrew Bynum. Yes, they did lose Iguodala, who was their best player, but they now have a true center and a bunch of talented young wing players. The future is bright in the city of brotherly love.

Lastly, the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets gave up close to nothing in return for Iguodala. Iggy is an amazing player and versatile defender. He is an All-Star and made this summers team USA who look to win gold at the olympics tomorrow morning. Furthermore, with the progress the Nuggets made last year, taking the Lakers to game 7 of the first round was quite remarkable. Yes, giving up two key players in that formula must have been tough, but getting Iggy is a huge upgrade! I can’t wait to see where they play him with Danilo Gallinari. Both are great scorers and as a duo can be a big threat to most defenses.

But, at the end of the day its good news for everyone because the Dwight Howard drama is finally over and the NBA can get to basketball. In case you just skipped to the end and didn’t read the article, here’s what you need to know: Howard puts the Lakers in instant contention, Philly makes a push for the top four teams in the east, Orlando is under total rebuilding and Denver makes a significant upgrade.