Nash to the Lakers in a Sign and Trade

Yesterday Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns agreed to a sign and trade deal that would send him to the Los Angeles Lakers, in exchange for 4 future draft picks and 3 million dollars.

This puts the 2-time MVP in the driver seat for the ever aging L.A Lakers. Nash will be a great addition to the Lakers and should help the big 3 in Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant. Also, this could make the Lakers the front-runner in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. The Lakers have assets that other teams just don’t have. They have the ability to trade Bynum and Metta World Peace for Howard. This would Also keep the Orlando Magic in a position to win and thrive in the east.

The Lakers have signed the 38-year old Canadian to a 3-year 25 million dollar contract. Even though they gave up those draft picks, with their team now they will have not problem staying at the top of the west, rendering those picks less valuable. I have always been an advocate and supporter of Nash winning and NBA championship, and although I thought that Miami would have been the best fit for him, L.A. will do just fine.

However, with the Lakers, there are only a few concerns I have for Nash. He has spent the large majority of his career in Phoenix and is used to playing a run and gun offense with multiple three-point threats on the wings. The Lakers aren’t like that. They have been forced to settle for half court sets as is getting older and they lost key runners like Matt Barnes and Lamar Odom. While I feel that Nash will have no problems running the point where ever he is, I do see him taking a while to get used to the flow in cali. Furthermore, and what I think some fans and people are forgetting is that Nash is 38 and his minutes on the floor reflect that. On average he plays close to 30 minutes a game, which is just over half of the game. Ramon Sessions and Steve Blake will be sure to see plenty of floor time. That being said, Nash is still on of the best to ever play the game and is still on of the best shooters the game has ever seen. Did you know that he is the all-time leading free-throw shooter? Well he is, he is the best all-time at shooting from the line at just over %90 for his career.

All that said I think this is the best for Nash and hopefully he will be able to win an NBA championship because there is no one more deserving.