The King Gets a Ring

Before we get started on tonight’s game, I would just like to apologize for not updating you on the NBA finals. I know a lot has been going on and I’ve been dying to cover it however with school ending there has just been no time, but breathe easy because my last exam was today just in time for the biggest game of the season.

I would like to congratulate LeBron James on winning his first ever championship, I know that the “haters gone hate” but I respect the guy as a person and as the best basketball player in the world. After watching his movie, “More Than a Game” you gain so much more respect for the guy and you understand how much this means to him. Also I would just like to say that the Oklahoma City Thunder played and excellent series and had an excellent playoff run and that they have a bright, bright future.

Back to the action, Tonight the Miami Heat their second title in seven years, back when Wade did it in 2006. They won in very convincing fashion with a final score of 121 to 106 and all of the Big 3 put their stamp on this game, each scoring 20+. LeBron James was his usual triple double self putting up 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists and walking away with the NBA finals MVP trophy. Dwayne Wade put up 20 points and 8 rebounds while Chris Bosh had 24 points and 7 rebounds. But what people will be talking about for days, is the outstanding sharpshooting of Mike Miller. Hobbled all post season with injuries, Miller went for 23 points and 7 three pointers. The guy was absolutely lights out from behind the line it was insane. Everything he threw up from out there was just falling, you couldn’t help but feel happy for the guy.

On the other hand, the Thunder didn’t fare so well. Coming off a 43 point game, Russell Westbrook came up way short scoring only 19, which was way more than he should have had. He only shot 4-20 from the field, a horrible shooting night. The only player that hand anything going for him offensively was the NBA scoring leader, Kevin Durant. Durant had a respectable 32 points and 11 rebounds on 13-24 shooting and 3-6 from behind the 3-point line but had 7 turnovers. Besides Durant, the Thunder really couldn’t get anything going, tailing by 10 for most of the night they just had no answer for the Heat. It’s unfortunate but the better team won.

As the game, well more as the series went on, I really got to look at how dominant LeBron really is. He truly is the best player in the game today because he can do everything and anything he wants to on the basketball court. He is a better passer than most point guards, a better rebounder than most forwards and a better scorer than most players, he is the complete player. And if those things weren’t enough, he has the athleticism of an olympic gymnast and the frame of a heavy weight wrestler. The Heat offense is ran through him everywhere on the court. He gets the ball in the post and has so many options it is impossible to guard him. You double team, he passes to the open man. You play one on one, he takes you into the post and gets an and one. There is nothing anyone can do. I really do enjoy watching him play and it’s nice that he finally got a ring so that people can stop hating on him.

As the game came to a close, James and Wade exited the floor at 3:01 left in the game to a standing ovation from the Heat faithful. The Heat came back from down one after game one to win four games in a row and crush the OKC Thunder tonight.

There isn’t much else to say, both teams played a hard all series and each game could have gone either way. Really, the Thunder needed James Harden to show up, he was really a non factor all series and the Thunder needed his bench scoring to give them that extra push. The sixth man of the year may have been the one that let his team down, as harsh as that sounds, it’s true.

Thanks to all of the players, coaches, staff, management, fans and everyone else involved in making this game the one we all love. It has been a great season but this is far from the last you have heard of me, so keep checking the MrBBrock page for updates hopefully twice a week throughout the summer.

Goodnight and keep ballin’