Only 4 More Wins

Saturday the Miami Heat advanced to the NBA Finals to play the Oklahoma City Thunder after defeating the Boston Celtics in what could be the very last game the Big 3 will play together, which would mark the end of an era, but more on that in a later post.

More on the finals, all it takes now is four more games. Four more wins and either the Heat or Thunder will be given the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Whether you think the NBA rigged it with all of the calls the Heat got their way, this is the way it is. The unique thing about this final is that really, you have two different dynamics of teams playing here. Yes, they both have excellent scorers and athleticism, but it is ironic and really the start of a new big rivalry. It is the difference of two star-studded teams. One assembled through offseason signings and the other through offseason draft picks.

This series has the potential to start something with the magnitude of a New York, Indiana rivalry back in the 70’s. Because both of these teams will be powerhouses for many years to come we are sure to see tons of great basketball in the future. The only reason this doesn’t have the hype of a Celtics, Lakers rivalry is because it is so fresh in everyone’s mind. Now, that’s enough of legacy talk, time to look at the basketball in front of us. They play tonight, and what I’m looking for is how well Dwayne Wade can defend against Russell Westbrook, because let’s face it, LeBron James and Kevin Durant will just have their way with the opposing defense. But Westbrook, in my opinion is the player that will make or break the series for OKC. If Westbrook is allowed to dominate, I feel that OKC has the advantage. Thabo Sefolosha will have DWade on lock, and Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins will hold down the paint against Chris Bosh. So it will really be up to the role players on Miami to do the scoring. LeBron can’t score 50 points per game, it’s just not possible in today’s NBA.

Who do I want to win?

It would be nice for the King to finally get a ring. He has faced too much unfair and unjust criticism that he deserves to tell everyone to shut up and that he is the best player in the game. On the other hand, it would be nice to see such a young dynasty like the Thunder get a championship, which is sure to be one of many more to come.

But much like everyone else, I’m just a basketball fan, looking for some great basketball, and I’m confident that with this series it will be AMAZING.