Thunder Await the Final Storm

Last night the Oklahoma City Thunder took their seat at the table of the NBA finals. They beat the San Antonio Spurs in an 18 point comback win on their home floor, 107-99.

Remember, the Thunder won this game, but did they win because they played well, or was it due to the fact that the Spurs let up just a little. The Spurs had a 15 point lead at half time and were playing like the number 1 seed we know they are. Tony Parker, had 21 and 10 and was living in the paint on offense. Tim Duncan had 13 and 4 while their new sixth man (now that Manu Ginobili is starting) Stephen Jackson came off the bench and was so far a perfect 4-4 from distance. Meanwhile on the other bench no player had more than four points, except for the Thunder’s big three of James Harden, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. At one point in the first half, the Spurs were up 18 points on the Thunder and at half, with a 15 point lead, it looked like the Spurs were going to get the win and go home to play game 7.

 The Thunder had other plans.

They must’ve stolen the heat from Parkers hands, becuase in the third quarter he was ice cold. Going just 1-7 in the quarter, Parker was struggling. Conversally, the Thunder errupted led by the play of their star, Kevin Durant. Durant had 14 points in the quarter, equalling his total from the previous two quarters. He along with his team were on fire, they outscored the Spurs 32-18 in the third and pulled to within 1 point of the Spurs.

The game went on and the Thunder kept coming. Durant, Westbrook, Harden and veteran guard Derek Fisher played the entire fourth quarter. This is partly what makes the Thunder so deadly, they can play their big guys big minutes. Did anyone notice that Durant played the ENTIRE GAME? What other player can do that? Not even Lebron plays the entire game. That is the luxury the Thunder have that the Heat and Celtics to not. Garnett, Allen and Pierce need their rest. They can barely play in the 40+ minute range anymore, unless that game goes into overtime. Durant can play for 5 hours without stopping. The same goes for Russell Westbrook. If he needs to, he can play the entire game, and will show little signs of fatigue.

With that being said, the Thunder can be beat, although it might be close to impossible, the Celtics and Heat have made it this far in the playoffs for a reason, and no matter who wins tonight, it is sure to be a great NBA finals. Old versus young, Thunder vs Celtics, or Lebron vs Durant. Take your pick, this is going to be a big series.