West Final Set Up Great!

The combatants for the west final have been set. The San Antonio Spurs will have home court advantage during the 7 game series versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Let’s take a trip back in time to see how they got here:

The Spurs have gone 8-0 sweeping both the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round and then the Los Angeles Clippers in the Second round. The old Spurs have shown great youth and are dominated every aspect of every game. Tim Duncan is looking like an All-Star, Tony Parker is playing the All-Star caliber basketball he has been playing all season and the rest of the Spurs have played so well they could start on any team.

The Thunder have taken a similar yet, less direct route to the conference finals going 8-1 so far. They swept the defending NBA champion Dallas Mavericks in the first round, then went on to play the other team in L.A. The Los Angeles Lakers put up a great fight but the duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been straight up beasting. They beat the Lakers in five games despite a great series by Kobe Bryant.

Both teams will have had at least 6 days rest by the time they play game 1 on Sunday. This will be an excellent series and I can guarantee that the winning ways of both teams ends here. This will easily go to 6 games because both of these teams are just too good. The Spurs will slow you down and then speed you up in an instant, where the Thunder will dribble circles around you and finish at the rim or from behind the 3-point line. Really, you can pick your poison against either team.

If you aren’t convinced yet, just look at the matchups!

Tony Parker on Russell Westbrook

Tim Duncan on Serge Ibaka

Manu Ginobili on James Harden, this is going to be the best 6th man battle in ages.

The only miss match that I see is Kevin Durant, and whoever decides to pick him up. My guess is that the Spurs will go with Kawhi Leonard but with limited minutes and then go with Stephen Jackson off the bench to provide some help.

What’s even more interesting is this matchup is a battle of the ages. It’s the old Spurs against the young, up and coming Thunder and it just goes to show, that you don’t really need veteran experience to go far in the playoffs. Conversely, age is but a number and has no reflection on how far your team will go in the post season. This Sunday is sure to be a great game and even though game 1 is in San Antonio, there is no way of knowing who will take game one.