Old Guys Lookin’ Young

The Boston Celtics took a 2-1 series lead last night winning the game in Philly 107-91.

After a dismal performance by the Celtics in-game two, they came back strong yesterday and got their offense back on track. The Green Men shot the ball 10% worse in-game 2 than they did in-game 3 (41% in-game 2 vs 51% in-game 3). The C’s also dominated the Philadelphia 76ers in the paint and on the fast break in-game 3. Their offense is peaking at the just the right time too. If the Celtics can win the next two games and get out of this series in five games, they will move on to to play the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers, whoever advances. However, the odds are that the Heat will bounce back and close this series out in 5 or 6.

Even though this was an inconceivable thought at the beginning of the season, the Boston Celtics have a slim chance of finding themselves in the NBA finals once again. Heres why:

– If the Celtics can make it past the 76ers, which they should, cause let’s face it it’s their series to lose, they will be onto the next round.

Chris Bosh just suffered a lower abdominal strain and is said to be out indefinitely. This is key because it completely slows down the Heats offensive game and leaves a very large gap in the post. One which Ronny Turiaf had great difficulty filling in-game 2 against the Pacers.

– During the regular season the Celtics beat the Heat 3 out of the 4 games they played each other. Granted, the last one shouldn’t really count as it was a bench vs bench contest. Never the less, the old Celtics can still ball.

– With the way Kevin Garnett is playing of late, he will dominate the Heats bigs. This will prove true if Chris Bosh is unable to play.

– With the insertion of Avery Bradley into the starting lineup, the Celtics have become a much better defensive team and as he did before, Dwayne Wade will have great difficulty scoring against him.

All that being said, the 76ers are a great basketball team and will make this a tough series for the Celtics and therefore should not be overlooked. With that said, if Boston can shoot the ball with ease, there aren’t many teams that can beat their All-Star caliber defense, along with their lights out shooting.

Being that this will most likely be the last season the big three will have together, they all know that this is the last chance they will have at a championship, and it adds that much more incentive to get that next ring.