Who Turned The Heat Back Up?

In response to my previous post on the lack of fire down in south beach, the Miami Heat must have been just creating more drama around the NBA because through watching them in this first series against the New York Knicks, they are truly the team we thought they would always be. They are Heating up, and show no signs of cooling off.

Heading into the playoffs the Heat had slowed down a bit, but I guess they were just growing tired of waiting for the real games to begin, the NBA playoffs. The Heat are up 3-0 in the series against the Knicks and have won each game in convincing fashion. LeBron James is proving to himself to be MVP deserving, as he will most likely win his third MVP award in a row this year. Dwayne Wade is abusing each and every defender he goes up against, especially now since rookie star, Iman Shumpert who is an excellent on-ball defender, tore his ACL and is out for the remainder of the playoffs. Wade has been able to get into the paint and score at will.

Futhermore, now that Amar’e Stoudemire took himself out of the series, the Knicks are going to rely heavily on Carmelo Anthony to carry their offense. If the Knicks are going to pull out a win in game four and keep their hopes alive, Melo is going to have to shoot the ball at 60%+ and score more than 40 points. Tyson Chandler is gonna have to play the best defensive game of his life and stop the frieght train that is LeBron James from entering the paint. And someone on the Knicks is gonna have to step up and play some D on either LeBron or Wade. Steve Novak and J.R. Smith need to be taking and knocking down all of the their shots. On the otherhand, if Mike Miller and Shane Battier keep throwing up bricks from the field the Knicks can have the offensive edge if everything is clicking. Esspecially in the intimidating atmosphere of Madison Square Garden.

Jeremy Lin anyone?

If there has ever been an underdog season it’s this one. With Jeremy Lin at the forefront of the conversation, how sweet would it be for him to come back for game 4 and steal the show. It is extrmely un-realistic seeing as he is set to return in a little over a week. But there has been talk that he could possibly play in game four, and what a sight that would be!

But, let’s snap back to reality. The Miami Heat will most likely end up winning game four in a blowout for two reasons. One, is that the Knicks don’t have many options. They need everything to go right and more for them to win on Sunday. Second, is that the Heat are just that good. With LeBron and Wade coming together to play their best ball when it matters most, they will most likely end up being the main act on broadway.