Who Turned Down The Heat?

The Miami Heat have struggled greatly of late. Losing two nights ago to Boston for the second time in the last 14 days. Forgetting a win tonight against the Bobcats, the heat have been in a bit of a rut.

With all of the talent on this team, one would think that the big three and the Miami heat would go 82-0, but clearly they haven’t. Why? Is it because of their lack of depth at the point guard spot? That makes sense, all great teams, in today’s league, need a good point guard, (As pointed out in my other article). If you look at a team like the Celtics, they aren’t a contender without Rajon Rondo. What about in Los Angeles? The Clippers turned their franchise around with the addition of Chris Paul. Do the Miami Heat need a point guard to push them over the top?

After all of those questions, few have answers. But the biggest one, is do they have what it takes to win it all?

First, in my eyes, the Miami heat have a much better team than LeBrons old Cavs team. But he had much more success. Well, why is that? In Cleveland, LeBron was allowed to play point for the last eight minutes of the fourth quarter. However, down in Miami, Chalmers is usually playing point and LeBron has to play off the ball, meaning that he can’t dominate the game the way he should be able to. Secondly, although LeBron and Wade are two extremely talented players, neither of them are that great at shooting the ball. So when teams take away the middle, their bread and butter, and they are forced to shoot they often struggle. In this case, their shooters, Mike Miller, James Jones, and Shane Battier, will come off of the bench. The problem then is that only Battier can play great defense, the others aren’t as gifted. Thus allowing the other teams to dominate while the heats starters ore off the floor. Third, the heat have no presence down low. Even though Bosh can score down low, he plays more of a Kevin Garnett outside game. Which means that the heat have no low post scoring.

There are many things the heat could work on, but if they can’t even beat Chicago, with Rose and Scalabrine not in the line up, they are going to have a tough run in the post season.

As much as I would love to see LeBron win a ring so everyone can stop making fun of him. It looks like the Heat might have to wait one more year.