Rondo Dropping Dimes

Tonight marked the twentieth straight game of Ten or more assists for Rajon Rondo. This is the most since John Stockton in 1992 who had a streak of 29 games.

In the past month, Rondo has brought the Boston Celtics back in to the conversation as championship contenders. Recording his league leading sixth triple double of the year in the win against Miami. Rondo has been on fire of late. If there was an MVP award for after the all-star break, I have to give the nod to Rajon Rondo. Now leading the league in assists at 11.4 per game, he has brought this old group of guys back to life. With key components like Jermaine O’neal, Mikael Peitrus, and Ray Allen out with injuries over this stretch, Rondo has made due making players like Avery Bradley shine under the historic spotlight of beantown. He is even hitting his jump shots!

I want to say he is like Steve Nash because of the passing ability, but Nash is in a league of his own. He revolutionized the pick and role and his jumper is still as pure as can be. But Rondo is not far off. His court vision and ability to hit players who are trailing the play, is like no other. And his nack for getting into the paint on offense and grab rebounds on defense are unnatural.

In a couple years, without a doubt his name will be in the same sentence as LeBron James when in comes to who should be MVP.