Nash and Terry to the Heat?

We already know about the major power house down in Florida that is the Miami Heat. And we are all aware of their scary talented big three, consisting of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. That in itself is already scary, what else could these guys possibly add to make their team better?

Enter Steve Nash and Jason Terry.

Both in the past week have showed interest towards joining the heat in the offseason, as both players become free agents. Terry, a 34-year-old veteran guard is an instant scorer for the Dallas Mavericks off the bench. But this isn’t to say that he is the piece the heat need to put them over the top and solidify them as contenders. Jason Terry, or better known as “The Jet”, needs the ball in his hands to make things happen. Fitting in with two other big name players like LeBron and Wade who also need the ball a lot would be tough. Moreover, the heat have adequate bench scoring in Mike Miller, James Jones, newly acquired Ronny Turiaf and rookie Norris Cole.

Nash on the other hand would be a perfect fit for the Miami Heat. He has proven time and again that he has what it takes to run a team, even at the age of 38. Nash is having one of his best seasons in recent years leading the league in assists at just over 11 per game. His veteran leadership would most definitely put the heat over the top as he is an offensive minded, pass first, pass second player. To make things better, when one or more of the big three is on the bench having a breather, Nash is more than capable of scoring, as he is shooting 54% from the field for the Suns this season. Not only would he make LeBron’s and Wade’s highlight reels better, but he would improve Chris Bosh’s numbers as well by using him in the pick and role. After all, there is no better point guard in the NBA at doing so. Seeing Nash in Miami would be quite a sight. Of all the players in the NBA that still do not have a championship ring, the two time MVP is by far most deserving.

Some would say that joining the heat to win a ring with the talent they have would almost make it worth less because they are a shoe in to win. However now a days, the league is dominated by the point guard, all of the elite teams in the NBA have an elite point guard running the show. Boston has Rondo, Lob City has Paul, Chicago has Rose, OKC have Westbrook. And it would appear, that for the Heat to win a championship they need an elite point guard like Nash to be able to do so.